Ingressive Capital

We are committed to supporting the new generation of African innovators.

In addition to being one of the few active seed stage VCs in the region, Ingressive Capital (IC) leverages their global network to assist with growth and scale. They plug startups in to new major clients, new investors, talent, and provide financial support. 

Through IC’s network of limited partners (investors in their fund) including those who run Y Combinator, Techstars, WTI and over 10 other top funds and accelerators, they help companies get follow-on funding from abroad. 

Their sister company, Ingressive LLC, serves top international tech businesses and investment funds seeking to enter and operate across Sub-Saharan Africa, or support / acquire local startups. 

Ingressive has served more than 50 global firms and investors who have gone on to make over 30 investments in the region. Ingressive LLC also holds a network of technical talent including 10,000 developers and designers. This work is leveraged to support portfolio companies as well.

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